COMING UP: John Densmore Of The Doors July 06, 2014

This Sunday evening, we're joined by two influential forces that set the tone for rock: John Densmore of The Doors and Robbie Robertson of The Band. And we'll dive into some of the greatest album opener tracks.

As always, we'll be tipping our hats to those ground-breakers and game-changers with a Nod to the Gods, spinning the best new tracks on the Magnificent Seven, Tom Waits on Ten with Tom and we'll set you into the collective horizontal with the Big Lie Down.

Legendary drummer John Densmore of The Doors will be hanging out with George in the broom closet throughout the episode. They'll discuss the legacy of Jim Morrison, legal struggles within the band, the current state of rock'n'roll and his new book: 'The Doors: Unhinged'.

It's going to be a good one. Come on in!