COMING UP: John Densmore Of The Doors
This Sunday evening, we're joined by two influential forces that set the tone for rock: John Densmore of The Doors and Robbie Robertson of The Band.
COMING UP: Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!
Laura Jane Grace, the lead singer-songwriter of the punk rock group Against Me!, is in the broom closet for an intimate conversation and an acoustic performance.
COMING UP: The Strombo Hundo, Part 2
We're running through the BEST records of 2013 as chosen by us, on The Strombo Show.
COMING UP: The Strombo Hundo, Part 1
In honour of Casey Kasem, the father of the Top 40, we'll revisit the Strombo Hundo, the top 100 records of the year.
COMING UP: Kevin Drew & Remembering Kurt Cobain
George talks to Broken Social Scene co-founder Kevin Drew, and we pay tribute to the great Kurt Cobain.