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Herman Cain Vs. Those Non-Manly Types Who Eat Vegetables

When not fending off scandals and accusations, Herman Cain can usually be relied upon for entertaining quips and quotes, which is why the media loves him so much. Most of these quotes involve him criticizing one group or another in unusually blunt ways, much to the delight of his political supporters and news editors around the world.

The latest people to get the Cain treatment are vegetarians - or at least guys who like vegetables on their pizza. In an interview with GQ for the magazine's December issue, Cain joined the publication's senior editor Devin Gordon and food critic Alan Richman for a pizza lunch. When the talk turned to pizza toppings, the G.O.P. candidate was unequivocal about what choices a "manly man" would make:

"A manly man don't want it piled high with vegetables," Cain said. "He would call that a sissy pizza!"

(As for those who prefer pizza bianca, Cain also suggests that " the more toppings a man has on his pizza, I believe the more manly he is." Take that, dieters.)

To be fair, Cain didn't say that he had anything against vegetarians, specifically. All he said was that males who like a lot of vegetables on pizza don't fit his particular idea of manliness. However, we can think of a few non-carnivores who might prefer vegetables to meat on their next delivery, and we'd like to imagine the Godfather's godfather calling them "sissy" to their faces:

georgesPIC.jpg1. Georges Laraque The former NHL enforcer is actually a vegan, and has been since 2009. Find out more when he comes on the show to sit in the red chair next week.

tony-la-russaPIC.jpg2. Tony La Russa Not only did he just win yet another World Series, but the legendary manager of the St. Louis Cardinals is also a vegetarian with his own line of dressings and marinades called At The Plate.

bryan-danielsonPIC.jpg3. Bryan Danielson The 2010 winner of the WWE U.S. Championship is a vegan (and probably doesn't take well to being called names).

nellyPIC.jpg4. Nelly Nelly once told Men's Health magazine that the secret to his athletic build was not only an ability to do 300 pushups a day, but a diet with no meat except for fish. Sounds like Cain's manly pizzas wouldn't fit the bill.

joe-namathPIC.jpg5. Joe Namath An icon of professional football, one of the most famous quarterbacks of all time, and a vegetarian.

Imagine if the outspoken presidential candidate were to call Georges Laraque a "sissy" for not eating meat ...

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