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Today in Stupid…
September 8, 2011
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Darth Vader Robbery, Drunken Swedish Moose, Cup Noodles Museum ...

Serious and important things are taking place all over the world each day. But let's not lose sight of the other stuff: the funny, unlikely, and yes, stupid stories of the day. And here they are:

Darth Vader Robs a Convenience Store, Escapes on a Bicycle
A Scottish man was just convicted of robbing a convenience store with a fake gun last November - while dressed as Darth Vader. He stole about CAN$500, ran outside and road away on a bicycle, all of which was captured on CCTV. The thief, Francis Anderson, has 46 previous convictions, but the Force was no longer with him on this one: he's going to prison for five and a half years.

Also: Gumby Robs a Convenience Store, Loses 27 Cents
Darth isn't the only one in the costumed robbery game, of course - yesterday a San Diego convenience store was held up by a man in a Gumby suit. As further proof that crime doesn't pay, we offer this: the would-be thief ended up losing 27 cents on the deal. When he reached into his costume to grab what might have been a gun, he ended up dropping some change, at which point he ran out of the store in a panic. The store's owner kept the money.

Canada's Shame: Drunken Moose Found in Swedish Tree
An apparently intoxicated moose was found entangled in an apple tree in southwestern Sweden on Tuesday. According to authorities, the moose was likely drunk from eating fermented apples, and had been sneaking around the area for days. They managed to free her from the tree by sawing off some branches, and she was last seen sleeping it off in the neighbour's yard.

Mouse Grounds Hong Kong to Nepal Flight
A Nepal Airlines Boeing 757 was prevented from taking off at Hong Kong's airport on Tuesday evening when a mouse was spotted in the cockpit - and as of yesterday afternoon, the plane was still on the ground, with all 84 passengers now staying in hotels at the airline's expense. The same airline evacuated another plane earlier this week when a different mouse leapt out of a box of drinks.

Cup Noodles: The Museum
Did you know that the cup noodle - staple of late-night study sessions and last-minute meals everywhere - was invented 40 years ago? For most of us, that's not a major historical milestone. For the founders of the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama, Japan, however, it's a big one. That's right: someone just opened an entire museum dedicated to the cup noodle. And guess what? This isn't the first cup noodle museum. That honour goes to the Momofuku Ando Ramen Museum in Osaka.


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