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BEST OF 2012: Our Top 5 Music-Related Videos Of The Year
December 23, 2012
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There have been a lot of massively popular music videos this year - 'Gangnam Style' is now the most-viewed video in the history of YouTube, and Canadian Carly Rae Jepsen blew up the summer with 'Call Me Maybe'.

But this list isn't about music videos per se - it's about some videos that used music in interesting ways, whether to tell amazing stories, to highlight brilliant pop culture from past years, to facilitate ridiculous dancing skills, or to show off Peter Mansbridge's ability to take on PSY at his own game.

Here's our list of the 5 best music-related videos we saw this year. Click the links to visit the original posts.

The Charlie Brown School of Dance

What's the best thing about this video? The spot-on parody of the dance moves from the Peanuts movies? The use of the inaudible "adult voice"? The refusal to actually teach people how to dance "the Charlie Brown"? The obvious affection that the people who made the video have for their source material?

All of those things are the best thing. We're signing up for classes right now.

Peter Mansbridge Goes 'Gangnam Style'

This was the year of 'Gangnam Style,' and the song and video inspired countless parodies and imitations. But only one of them featured the host of CBC's 'The National' dancing like a South Korean rapper/horse enthusiast.

Thanks to the cast and crew of 42nd Street & Pirates of Penzance from The Stratford Festival. You did a wonderful thing getting Peter out on the dance floor.

Cornel Munn Is An Unbelievable Drummer - And He Doesn't Have Hands

The phrase "anything is possible" gets thrown around a lot.

Watching disabled drummer Cornel Munn just destroying the drum kit on a cover of 'Hot Right Now' by DJ Fresh despite the fact that he doesn't have any hands? What a great demonstration that the phrase "anything is possible" can feel meaningful again.

Bob Ross Gets Remixed In 'Happy Little Clouds'

PBS Digital Studios teamed up with John D. Boswell (aka melodysheep) on a lot of remixes of their old TV shows this year. And they were all pretty great.

But if you're looking for a tune and a video that's guaranteed to put a goofy smile on your face, while sneaking in a few subtle, perfectly innocent references to sex, you just can't beat this remix of Bob Ross's 'The Joy Of Painting'. Relax, let it flow, and check out the happy little clouds.

This Dubstep Dancing Video Is Beyond Mindblowing

If you're not familiar with dubstep dancing, this is a great way to find out what it is. Seeing it for the first time can be a little disorienting - the dancers look like they're moving in slow motion or defying gravity, when in fact they're just masterfully controlling their bodies.

And if you know what it is, you'll recognize that this is one of the coolest videos in the genre. With Marquese Scott (aka Non Stop, one of the biggest dubstep dancers in the world) and members of the Dragon House crew on board, the piece is a seamless demonstration of how stunning the style can be. Oh yeah, and the dancers told us it took them "about 1 hour" to come up with the choreography. Not too shabby.


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