Web Exclusives August 6, 2013
ASK AN EXPERT: Can You Make Meat And Leather Without Animals?

There's been a lot of talk about growing meat in labs lately - the first-ever lab-created burger was served in London, UK yesterday.

We wanted to find out a little more about how you get to meat (and leather products, for that matter) without slaughtering an animal.

So we asked biological physicist Gabor Forgacs to explain what the deal is with creating meat and leather in a laboratory setting.

Meat and leather, he says, "are tissues that originate from the animal - but in order to have those products, we don't have to have the entire animal."

Meat comes from muscle, and leather from skin. According to Forgacs, scientists are creating the tissue that is used to create those products, without creating (or harming) the animals themselves.

Forgacs was visiting Toronto as part of Ideacity.


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