Show Segment December 11, 2012
Theo Fleury Talks The NHL Lockout, Blowing $50 Million, And The 2014 Olympics

Theo Fleury was in studio to talk about 'The Victor Walk' and his plans to raise awareness of child sexual abuse in Canada.

Like many Canadians, he also loves talking hockey and in this clip offers his thoughts on the NHL lockout, his respect for players that came before him, how he burned through his NHL earnings of 50-million dollars, if he could make it in today's NHL and whether NHL players want to compete in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. (Hint: they do!)

On the lockout:
I will always be extremely loyal to those guys that came before me. And I have the utmost respect. They built the game, they built the players association which gave us education around the whole thing. I believe there's always a deal to be done. And to me it just seems both sides have dug in and aren't willing to give up ground.

On burning through 50 million bucks:
It's easy....I lost, in New York, over a three year period I lost probably three million dollars gambling on football and cards and all that kind of's not that hard it goes away quick.

On if players want to compete in the 2014 Olympics:
George: Do players want to play in the Olympics?
Theo: F*%$ yes! It's all about money....when I was playing road hockey in Russell, Manitoba when I was 8, 9, 10, 12 years old, never dreamed that I would, like the word olympics never came in to my vocabulary because at that time it was all amateurs...I never ever thought I'd ever get an opportunity to play in an Olympics. I got to play in two Olympics. The first one was obviously disappointing but Salt Lake was...are you kidding me!


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