Show Segment March 6, 2013
Sook-Yin Lee Talks About Playing Olivia Chow... And Olivia Chow Talks About Running For Mayor Of Toronto

When Olivia Chow gave her blessing for CBC to make a biopic of Jack Layton's life, Sook-Yin Lee took on the role of Olivia. In this clip, Sook-Yin shares a crucial piece of advice Olivia gave her on set....and later, George asks Olivia the question on everyone's minds: Is she considering running for mayor of Toronto?

'Jack', the biopic about late NDP leader Jack Layton, airs Sunday, March 10th at 8 pm on CBC.

In this clip, Sook-Yin and Olivia talk about...

Correcting wardrobe on set
Sook-Yin: "There was one day I was doing a very deeply intense scene that had to go very heavy and I got a note: 'Hold it. Olivia says she would never wear patterns.'"

Whether Olivia will run for mayor of Toronto
Olivia:"I love this city. I love to come home to Toronto, but what I'm going to be doing, I don't know yet. I'm listening to people's advice. There are a lot of issues we need to tackle, and I'll listen very carefully."


THE BIO: Olivia Chow And Sook-Yin Lee



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