Show Segment December 27, 2012
Ron MacLean And Don Cherry On The NHL Lockout

George asked Ron MacLean and Don Cherry whether NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is the right personality for the game today amid another lockout.

Don Cherry answers by saying Gary Bettman isn't the issue and that the commissioner only does what the owners direct him to do. Ron MacLean points out that NBC (owned by Comcast who own the Philadelphia Flyers) still pays the NHL during the lockout and is funding owners lockout pay.

Ron and Don are promoting the 60th anniversary of Hockey Night, and the release of the book 'Hockey Night In Canada: 60 Seasons'. It's in stores now.

In this clip, Ron and Don talk about...

Gary Bettman and the lockout

Don Cherry: I really have to laugh when I hear everybody hating Bettman...If 20 owners went to him and said alright that's enough let's go back, ya think
he'd say no? It's the owners... He's doing what they told him to do.

Ron MacLean: Always connect the dots...the owners are telling Gary we can squeeze them for more money... they have a little bit of money to play with... NBC
is continuing to pay while the lockout is on... NBC is owned by Comcast which is owned by Ed Snider the owner of the Philadelphia Flyers, so what you have is the Philadelphia Flyers owner giving them a lockout fund to fight that fight.


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