Show Segment April 19, 2013
Paul Anka Explains Why He Told All (Sort Of) About Sammy Davis Jr.

Canada's original teen idol, Paul Anka, recently sat down with George to talk about his new autobiography, 'My Way'. In this clip, Paul remembers Sammy Davis Jr., and reveals why he told all about one of his favourite guys in the Rat Pack...

It turns out Sammy's filmic interests could be a little salacious (i.e. 'Deep Throat'). We also hear what Paul has to say about his talent, stardom, and his preference for being treated as a human being.

Paul has a new book out, 'My Way: An Autobiography', and a new disc called 'Duets'.

In this clip, Paul talks about...

His friend Sammy Davis Jr.

George Stroumboulopoulos: Sammy Davis Jr.!

Paul Anka: Miss him. Good Guy. And you know he lived his life, and I say things in the book...

GS: Ya, you say a lot in the book about him.

PA: It's all with love and affection, it's all public domain, and it's all been said.

GS: You talk about - bisexual...

PA: He's had the experience

GS: Did he organize a screening once?

PA: Yes

GS: Played deep throat for everybody, that's what you wrote in the book?

PA: Yes

GS: So when you're telling that side of Sammy's story...

PA: You know, Sammy loved movies, he was a camera guy, and he invited a bunch of us, 'come on down I'll show you a movie'. I don't know if he was putting us on or not telling us, but we walked in, and within 30 seconds we're looking at 'Deep Throat'. Now I'm sure some of you out there don't quite know what that is, but...

GS: You can figure it out.

PA: You can figure it out. So we're watching and there it was, you know, in a time - today we're all kind of blasé and it's wide open.


THE BIO: Paul Anka

PHOTO: Mind If I Take A Seat? Of Course You Don't, I'm Paul Anka

PHOTO: Paul Anka Doing It His Way On Set



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