Show Segment December 30, 2012
Michael J. Fox On Having A Sense Of Humor About His Parkinson's

In this candid and funny exclusive interview, actor and activist Michael J. Fox talks about the extreme range of people' reactions to his Parkinson's: from people who are overly protective, poking fun of it in an episode of Larry David's 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', to the time Conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh accused him of exaggerating his symptoms.

Michael's charitable organization, the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, has invested $304 million to date to fund a cure for Parkinson's. And Michael's got a new sitcom coming out in Fall, 2013. It's loosely based on his life and his experiences with Parkinson's.

In this clip, Michael talks about...

Being Targeted by Rush Limbaugh

"You have to remember that he's dealing with a very small base, and that was the mistake the Republicans made: they thought this guy represented their constituency, and he doesn't - he's a fanatic, and a showman. He didn't care about me, he didn't care about stem cells, he didn't care about Parkinson's - he cared about how he'd flame up his base with what he's saying. So the thing about fighting him is you can't fight him because who are you trying to win over? Anybody reasonable and responsible gets that you're right, so to go in a public arena and fight him is like trying to win over people who are already on your side. So you just kind of go 'Hum, let him make noise in his own echo chamber'."


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