Show Segment August 12, 2013
Is It Salman Or Sal Bass? Salman Rushdie On Meeting Jerry Seinfeld

What would you do if every time you turned on the TV, someone was making jokes about the fatwa on your head? Well, writer Salman Rushdie just laughed along.

You see, when he was 'sentenced to death' by Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini - accused of insulting Islam and disrespecting the prophet Mohammed in his novel, 'The Satanic Verses' - he became an international cause célèbre... And popular shows like 'Seinfeld', 'The Golden Girls', and 'Cheers' cracked jokes.

Salman's memoir 'Joseph Anton' is out now. Directed by Deepah Mehta, the movie adaptation of his acclaimed epic novel 'Midnight's Children' is in theatres now.

In this clip, Salman talks about...

Meeting a rather nervous Jerry Seinfeld

Salman: "Years and years later I met him in New York, and he was quite nervous. He said (imitating Jerry) 'did you see that episode we did about you... did you think it was OK?' ... and I said 'actually, I thought it was quite OK' and he seemed very relieved... there was a moment when American sitcoms couldn't stop making references to me... 'Cheers... and 'The Golden Girls'!"

George: "That's how you know you've made it, by the way (laughter). Never mind a fatwa -Bea Arthur!"

Salman: "Who could think I would end up in 'The Golden Girls'!?"

Getting the last laugh

George: "Did this rob you of material?

Salman: "Writers are curious, crazy, diseased people... there's a bit of me that think now it's my book. OK, you did all that to me but now I own it because it's in my book. At least I got a book out of it!"


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