Show Segment January 29, 2013
How A 1987 Concert At Maple Leaf Gardens Changed Steve-O's Life

A very young and enthusiastic Mötley Crüe fan, Stephen Glover (aka Steve-O) claims a 1987 concert at Maple Leaf Gardens changed his life. In this clip, he describes how he came to meet Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee.

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In this clip, Steve-O talks about...

His mission to track down the band:

"When I was a kid I loved Mötley Crüe so much ... and when they came to Maple Leaf Gardens on this tour, I mean, I was just so excited about it and the day before the show I saw on the news "aw these jerks come to our city and get in all this trouble..." I forget what exactly it was. And I remember watching it and thinking the concert is tomorrow - and they're here now. So they're in a hotel - I just know it! So I went running to my room, and I guessed that they would check into their hotel under the name of their manager, Doc McGee. I looked in all my little tape sleeves and it said the same name manager on every album - so I said Doc McGee - he's the guy. So I went running down to the kitchen and opened the Toronto Yellow Pages to 'hotel' and I proceeded to call every single hotel in Metropolitan Toronto - starting from the top of the list and I would just ask "Can you please put me through to Doc McGee's room, please?"

"I probably spent three hours doing it and I finally got through .. and he asked me how I got the number and I told him I called every hotel in the Yellow Pages, and he said, "dude, that's awesome! How would you like if I put your name on the list for backstage passes, and I can get you tickets in the fifth row?"


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