Show Segment February 5, 2013
Ed Robertson On Working With An Astronaut - And The Story Behind 'The Big Bang Theory' Song

Ed Robertson from Barenaked Ladies talks to George about 'I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing)', the song he co-wrote with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. In partnership with CBC Music and the Canadian Space Agency, the song will be unveiled Friday, Feb. 8, with Hadfield floating in space aboard the International Space Station and Robertson, joined by a youth choir, in CBC's Toronto studios. 'I.S.S.' will also be performed by children across the country as part of the annual Music Monday event May 6.

Ed also talks about how he came to write and record the catchy theme song to the hit show Big Bang Theory and the significance of the lyrics, which some might find controversial.

In this clip Jason talks about ...

The story behind 'The Big Bang Theory' song:

"I was talking in a show in L.A., talking about some esoteric science book I just read. And Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre, the creators of the show were at the show. And they said we gotta get this guy to write the theme song. So they contacted me and said we have this show called 'The Big Bang Theory', and they said, we want you to do a history of everything in about 32 seconds."

The significance of the lyrics to 'The Big Bang Theory' song:

GS: "Theme songs are generally innocuous. But if you listen to the lyrics, the things that are said in this song, in America, today -- it's a political statement. It's amazing, the stuff that you're saying. You're talking about bipeds, and there's no God in the song."

ER: "For me, that feeling of wonder is no different than a spiritual feeling. I think it's beautiful to understand things about the cosmos, to understand the way that we're connected to it. And I think it is incredibly special that we ended up here, just because. That through millions and billions of tiny choices, here we are with our opposable thumbs and our poor senses of humour. The fact that our genitalia is very close to where we go to the bathroom? Poor design. That is evidence of unintelligent design."



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