Video July 8, 2013
Conrad Black: "I No More Committed Crimes Than Anyone In This Room"

When George asks Conrad Black about his time in prison, and his conviction, the response is filled with... Well, conviction.

Black says he "no more committed crimes" than anyone in the audience, and that he's not responsible for the American justice system.

In this clip, Conrad talks about...

Whether he feels responsible for his crimes
George Stroumboulopoulos: Some people feel like you are a man who has benefited greatly from the system; that when the system convicted you, you refused to acknowledged it as a conviction. I think that's what some people feel.

Don't give me that look, it ain't gonna work on me.

Conrad Black: I'm not responsible for how other people feel and I'm certainly not responsible for that kind of reasoning. I no more committed crimes than anyone in this room. The chance of my committing those crimes are less than zero. And as far as I'm concerned I won my battle with that evil system that grinds 99% of people to powder and extracts confessions of guilt in almost Stalinist fashion from all kinds of people who aren't guilty.

GS: So what will you do now? will you try to change the system?

CB: No, I'm not an American, it's not my problem. I mean look, good luck to them Nobody is safe in that country

You see these people come in with no means. As you said at the outset, they've had a terribly short trip, all the way around, they were sandbaged in their legal proceedings, over sentenced or found guilty either despite being innocent or on laws that shouldn't exist and are utter ridiculousness. They're completely disillusioned, they're confused, there's no one to help them, there's no tent to help them and all they gets are imperious unskilled labourers strutting around in uniforms with Federal Officer on the back telling them what to do, usually telling them to do stupid things in an annoying way. Now what kind of treatment is that?

GS: You sound like a Hippie

CB: I don't think Hippies speak in sentences do they?

His prison nickname
GS: Now you sound like a Lord. I say this with no glibness to those who are watching us who are incarcerated at this moment, but were you at least assigned one prison nickname?

CB: My students called me "Absolute Rubbish" because that was my answer to most questions.


THE BIO: Conrad Black

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