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Guest Mark Kelley

Even before his first day on the job with CBC News in Halifax back in 1998 Mark Kelley was hauled out of bed to cover the story of a plane that had plunged into the waters off Peggy’s Cove. The plane was Swissair Flight 111 and Kelley was on the air for 13 straight hours that day. It seems like he hasn’t stopped since.

He’s had more than two decades with CBC News, reporting, anchoring, hosting his own nightly show called Connect with Mark Kelley. Through it all he’s developed a reputation for being a guy who’ll go deep tell to tell the story. And now Kelley returns to his roots in Montreal for The Fifth Estate, looking into the story of Benoit Roberge, a Montreal police officer accused of selling information to the very gangs he was supposed to be putting behind bars.

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