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COMING UP: Season Ten Kick-Off & Polaris Prize Special

COMING UP: Season Ten Kick-Off & Polaris Prize Special

We're back! The celebration of music has returned.

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Guest Colin Quinn

You probably known him for his time on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update desk – a gig that Colin Quinn now says wasn’t exactly right for him. But whatever he thinks, there’s been loads that the New York comic has been just right for: a killer turn on the hugely influential The Larry Sanders Show, a stint writing for In Living Colour, one hosting the controversial, anti-PC Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn, and even a guest slot on the HBO series Girls. The hit show is, of course, filmed on the same Brooklyn streets where Colin was raised, back when the borough was an ethnic melting pot that fuelled his jokes on race. He brings his characteristic edginess to his latest gig, the one-man stage show Colin Quinn Unconstitutional.

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