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Basia Bulat (Best Of)

Basia Bulat (Best Of)

Basia Bulat joined George for a feature interview and performance.

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Guest Aaron Eckhart

Yes, he's playing Mary Shelley’s classic creation in the new film I, Frankenstein. But Aaron Eckhart has played monsters before – albeit different kinds of monsters. A sadistic creep with a black heart in the acclaimed indie flick In The Company Of Men. A lobbyist and spin-doctor for Big Tobacco in Jason Reitman’s pitch-black satire Thank You For Smoking. That film changed things for Eckhart, who was raised Mormon and spent a year in Hawaii as a surf bum. He went from largely supporting, but impactful, roles like Julia Roberts’ biker-dude boyfriend in Erin Brockovich to bigger parts in even bigger pictures: A super-villain in The Dark Knight a role in the Olympus Has Fallen with Morgan Freeman.

Now he’s out to save the human race in I, Frankenstein. Based on the graphic novel, Aaron plays a well-spoken version of the monster. One caught up in big trouble between gargoyles and demons.

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