News+Politics January 29, 2011
What's Next: "Cruise" Missiles?

Remember the Cold War? Yeah, those were the days. Paranoia, misinformation, two-way propaganda wars. But then, the Soviet Union had to collapse and ruin all the fun. However! If the West plays its cards right, maybe we can goad China into playing, at least on the misinformation front. The Chinese media already has a bit of a rep for reporting satire as news, and in some cases, making stuff up.

This time, it's the state broadcaster CCTV. Chinese military did drills attacking target planes. The only problem? Apparently, someone in the newsroom is into Tom Cruise action flicks. Top Gun, anyone?

Oh, and this just in from CCTV! "The imperialist Americans now have a muscular, blue, living superweapon!!" Is there no limit to their thirst for power!?!"



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