Comedy October 26, 2012
You Might Want To Fxi That: The World's Worst Typos


We all make mistakes.

But sometimes those mistakes go public. Like when they get printed, coined, painted on roads (like the example from NYC, above) or otherwise put out there in the world.

That's where new book 'Just My Typo: From 'Sinning with the Choir' to 'The Large Hardon Collider'' comes in.

Author Drummond Moir has collected photographs of some of the greatest accidents in typography. And there's some unintentional comedy gold in there.

For instance: the so-called 'Wicked Bible,' a 1631 holy book that gets 9 out of the 10 commandments absolutely right. But in this version, adultery isn't just allowed, it's mandatory (check out line 14 in the image below).


Or a more recent example of a big-time botched copyedit: early in 2010, Gregorio Iniguez, managing director of the Chilean Mint, lost his job after authorizing the production of 1.5 million 50-peso coins that spelled the country's name 'C-H-I-I-E.'


Wonder if that's an accurate spelling of the sound he made when he realized his mistake.

At least in both of those examples, the typo was pretty subtle. It's hard to say how this headline made it to press - apparently someone at the New Orleans Times-Picayune newspaper, which published it in 2011, doesn't like the Jets, the Patriots or maybe both.


Then there's the heavily ironic typo, like this one from a greeting card company: whenever you use a phrase like "the highest standards for every detail," you should probably double-check... well, every detail.


And of course, the Mitt Romney campaign was embarrassed earlier this year when a picture overlay feature on their mobile app misspelled one little word: America.


Some typos just make you feel better about life. Worried about parking your car illegally? Don't be.


But as enjoyable as a good typo can be, we should never forget: mistakes are human, and we all make them. Maybe this book is just a good lesson in taking care in everything you do.

Or maybe it's an excuse to share the glory of the Large Hardon Collider:


It's probably both.


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