Comedy January 9, 2012
Allan Hawco On How To Speak Like Someone From Newfoundland

The star of CBC TV's Republic of Doyle is on the show tonight, where he gives George a basic lesson in the local dialect.

On The Meaning of One of His Favourite Expressions:

Allan Hawco:
This is one of my personal favourites, people seem to have a lot of difficulty with it is "Whattaya at."

George: "Whattaya at."

AH: So "what are you at."

GS: Meaning what do I mean?

AH: No, this is a good one. What do you think it means?

GS: Whattaya at ... "Whattaya at" is "What are you getting at?"

AH: George ... whattaya at?

GS: I'm ... I'm at home? Where am I? Is that what it is?

AH: The correct response would be simple. No matter what you're doing, you say "This is it."

GS: "This is it." Is that like "How are you? Fine"?

AH: Sort of. If you add the nod [nods] ... It's a common phrase, I don't care what anyone says, I use it all the time, I use it every day, Alan Doyle wrote a song about it ... It means "What are you doing?"


AH: Simple, whattaya at ... What are you at? What are you at right?

GS: And this is it.

: This is it. And if you were building a house, you might also respond "Nothing."



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