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George R.R. Martin Smashes A Guitar To Send A Message To Demanding Fans

How does a best-selling author send a message to his fan base when they just won't stop pestering him to get back to work?

'Game of Thrones' author George R.R. Martin found a way: this weekend at Comic-Con, he stormed on stage during a performance by comedy musicians Paul & Storm, snatched their guitar, and smashed it to pieces.

The pair were in the middle of a song called 'Write Like the Wind', in which they demanded that Martin, the author of the books on which the hugely successful HBO series 'Game of Thrones' is based, hurry up and finish the last two instalments of the saga.

Martin showed up to express his disapproval.

The act of destruction was all a set up, of course (although who knows how much he enjoyed taking his frustrations out on that unlucky guitar?).

After the smashing was completed, fellow author Neil Gaiman - who has told demanding 'Game of Thrones' fans in the past that "George R.R. Martin is not your bitch" - hit the stage to ask the comedy duo to apologize.

Last season, Martin was in the red chair, and George asked him how he feels about the demands his fans place on him (as George put it, "they get pissed off at you if you do a renovation in your house").

In the red chair, Martin said the negativity from some of his fans is "irritating," but that he's pleased to see supporters ("the fans on the side of light and goodness," as he winkingly put it) are always willing to come to his defense.

The discussion about his fans starts at about the 16:50 mark in the video below:

If you're not familiar with the ongoing saga of George R.R. Martin and the Angry Fans, a brief rundown:

george-rr-martin-guitar-side.jpgSo far, Martin has written five books in the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series (the books that form the basis for 'Game of Thrones'), and stated publicly that there are two (or maybe three) more to come.

He's also revealed the title of book six ('The Winds of Winter') and the fact that he had already written five chapters back in 2010.

But some members of his fan base are in the habit of attacking him for doing anything other than completing the series.

During the six-year wait for the fifth book in the series, some fans actually created websites demanding that Martin get back to work (sample name: 'Is Winter Coming?').

This weekend's demonstration should send a message to fans who are impatient to get their hands on the next book in the series: keep a firm grip on your guitar.

We've had a bunch of 'Game of Thrones' actors on the show recently. Check out our interviews with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jason Momoa, and Rose Leslie.

And if you're looking forward to season four of 'Game of Thrones', you'll be happy to hear shooting is about to get back underway.

According to News of Iceland, the production will be returning to shoot there in the next couple of days.

And if you'd like to remember the many, many (many, many) people who have died in the first three seasons of the show alone, this video's for you. It was also unveiled at Comic-Con this weekend:

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