Books March 14, 2012
Bill Blaikie on Richard Dawkins and Atheism

Man of faith, author and former politician Bill Blaikie talks about Richard Dawkins and other prominent atheists, and discusses how Christians and other believers should conduct themselves in a post-Christendom -- but not post-religious -- society.

Bill's on the program tonight along with Ashley Judd.

In this clip, Bill talks about...

Religion as a force for peace
"I agree with him that that kind of religion is dangerous, but I don't think you fight that by criticizing religion in general. I think you do it by acknowledging that religion can also be something else, that it has been something else. There are many people of faith who are conscientious objectors, who believe that their faith instructs them never to kill under any circumstances".

Atheist arguments versus faith-based arguments
"There's such a thing as atheist arguments unsupported by evidence, or supported by selective evidence, so I think that's a whole other dimension of the debate, that sort of militant atheism with Christopher Hitchens and Dawkins and others, and the relationship between the sort of secular, pluralist, multicultural reality that we're in. That's another challenge, I think, for people of faith in the public square: to know how to speak without thinking that - without speaking with the kind of authority that used to be there when you were 'Christendom'. We're now in a post-Christendom reality. Christians have to be humble. But they also have to be part of the discussion. Particularly those on the left, because those on the right have been part of it for some time now".



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