Books February 13, 2012
Anne Rice on True Blood, Twilight & Werewolves

Author Anne Rice dishes on the difference between her vampires and the 'Twilight' vampires, confesses to being a fan of 'True Blood', and entertains George's hypothesis about why she decided to write about werewolves in her latest book, 'The Wolf Gift'.

In this clip, Anne talks about...

Team Edward or Bill from 'True Blood'
GS: Let's say that you have to spend eternity standing beside one vampire, and your choice is Team Edward or Bill from 'True Blood', which one would you choose?
AR: Where's Lestat?!?... I'd choose Bill. I think he's cool.

Twilight Mania
GS: What do you think about the mania around Twilight?
AR: I think it was a stroke of genius for 'The Vampire Diaries' and Stephenie Meyers to put vampires in high school. I never thought of that - my vampires would NOT go to high school... I'd have to torture them to go to high school! What I did with them was totally different. I wanted very glamorous, mythological vampires - and they did the opposite. They domesticated them, they put them in high school, and Charlaine Harris put them in Louisiana in Sam's "Merlotte's" corner bar, it was great... I'm a fan of Charlaine Harris, I love 'True Blood'...

Why She Writes About the Supernatural
GS: What is it about the supernatural that you love so much?
AR: I don't know, I don't think authors really choose things - it chooses us, you find out. I'm sure it's the same with Tom Clancy, he write what he writes because that's where the intensity is, that's where the fun is, that's where he feels alive. It's the same with me and the supernatural: when I'm writing about a vampire, a witch, a werewolf, a ghost, mummy, whatever... I feel completely alive.

George's Theory on Why Rice Decided to Write About Werewolves
GS: I figured after Twilight took your whole vampire thing, you thought "Lemme show you how to do werewolves!" (Laughter, Anne nods her head)... I imagine that had to be in the subconscious somewhere?
AR: (Lots of laughter) "Maybe so, maybe so!"



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