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Wheel Of Fortune's Million Dollar Winner


Don't ya just love a good game show. If it's done right, it's got it all - excitement, suspense, surprise, risk, plus you can play along at home.

It's a 30 minute emotional rollercoaster.

And of course, there's the jackpot - that crazy moment when someone hits paydirt and we can all dream and live vicariously through the joy unfolding on our TV.

Well last night, there was one of those moments.

Autumn Ernhard, 30, got to play for the $1 million prize on Wheel of Fortune - which, by the way, is a longshot.

To do it, you have to spin the big wheel and land on the million dollar prize spot - a 1-in-72 chance.

Then, you have to solve the main puzzle and get to the bonus round, where you spin another wheel, which gives you a 1-in-24 chance of landing on the big money.


As Fox News explains it...

The $1 million dollar wedge was added to the large wheel in 2008 but in order to have a shot at the million, a contestant must first land on the wedge, then collect it and not "go bankrupt" at all before the bonus round. Ernhard managed to do so, and as she headed into the bonus round, her $1 million wedge was added to the grand prize wheel in place of the $100,000 slot. Then, she had to land on it and spin solve the puzzle in just 10 seconds.

Well, it all came together for Autumn. In the regulation round, she won $30,00 in cash and prizes (including trips to Belize and Arizona) and got to the bonus round.

Her category was "thing"; two words, 12 letters, but she only had four of them: a G, an R and two Ts.

With just 10 seconds to solve it, Autumn nailed it almost right away - shocking host Pat Sajak who blurted out "What?!"

With that, Autumn became just the second person in the 30-year history of Wheel of Fortune to win $1 million.

Have a look at the video at the top and see if you can figure out her puzzle.

Autumn, who is an animal pharmaceuticals sales rep from Laguna Niguel, California, told ABC News "I am in complete and utter shock."

"I'm shaking. I came here today because I love the game, I wanted to have some fun and solve some puzzles - I feel like I'm in a dream!"

By the way, according to ABC, the show's first $1 million winner was Michelle Lowenstein, in October of 2008 - the year the million dollar prize was introduced.

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