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THE STORY BEHIND AN AWESOME PHOTO: Unbelievable Driving By An Afghan Trucker

How's that for a three-point turn? This photograph was taken in Afghanistan by World Food Programme (WFP) driver Hukomat Khan. It's the most popular picture the organization has ever put on their Facebook page:


Here's the story of the death-defying turn: the truck in the photo was the last in a convoy of 17 delivering food to a remote mountain village. After the other trucks had passed, the road was a mess of mud and snow, so Hukomat assigned his best driver, Sher Ali, to manoeuvre his vehicle around the bend.

"I was trying not to look at the drop," Ali told a WFP representative. "Hukomat was indicating that I should come, come, come ... but I had to stick my head out of the window and see for myself!" At that moment, Hukomat snapped the pic. Then, with Hukomat looking on and guiding him, Ali managed to complete the turn and continue the journey to get food to the remote community.

While the image may seem like the scariest imaginable driving situation, it's all in a day's work for the WFP drivers: "This kind of situation [is] normal for us," Hukomat says. "We drive in much, much worse places than this. There was hardly any snow on the road".

And although he says he's a little bit surprised at the response the photo has generated - more than 80,000 people looked at the picture on the WFP Facebook page - he's also pleased: "It gives me energy. You know, commercial truckers are often unwilling to go on these kinds of roads. But I am using my skills and knowledge to help my people. That makes me willing to try the impossible".

This past season, actor Michelle Yeoh was in the red chair, where she talked about road safety in the developing world. She says 1.3 million people die on the roads in the developing world each year. Check out her take on the issue right here.

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How's that for a three-point turn? This photograph was taken in Afghanistan by World Food Programme (WFP) driver Hukomat Khan...

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