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THE PROMPT: Your High/Low
January 11, 2012
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Last night, George asked his friends and subscribers on Facebook a question: "Hi. What was your high/low today?" So far, he's received over 1000 responses - you can check the full post out here. The messages offer a fascinating look into the best and worst moments in a large number of people's day.

Thanks to all who responded for sharing your personal experiences.

Here's a selection of a few of your messages. Feel free to share your high/low for today in the comments below...

Angela H. - High :) Reading every1's comment on your list's and my comment getting 2 thumbs up! Low :( I got up on a wrong side of the bed

Gregory W. - It is kind of you to ask but you don't really want to know. Besides my shrink says crises are opporunities which makes your simple question not so striaghtforward. But apparently a lot people wanted to tell you about their day...big shoulders you have their dude. Peace.

Katherine J. - High: Welcoming a new shy 15 year old to the Youth Drop-In Program Low: Wishing I had more time and the position at work to do this role full time Be kind to each other everyone. We don't know what other people carry around in their backpacks.

Jackie R. - I just want to say, especially to Stephanie French (and your low is low), I bet lyricists could get a good dozen country songs out of this thread!

Jonathan J. - High: Eating a healthy meal with no meat Low: eating no meat!

Kristin J. - High- walking the beach in the sun on my lunch hour (it's spose to be winter). Low? Having to go back to work :)

Karl V. - High: completing my latest feature film screenplay. Low: trying to get my brain to shut down to sleep.

Janna G. - Low: Being officially told, I can never play Baseball again. High: Plotting ways to ignore the Doctors and play anyways.:-)

Lisa F. - My low was being involved in a six car pileup on the highway, the high was hugging my two boys after it.

Kimberly F. - Evening from New Zealand. High - listening to Sufjan Stevens while I did the house work :) Low - Seeing my friend upset due to her Grandfather dying yesterday :(

Richard D. - High: spending time with the woman i love in an amazing class. Low: watching the temp slowly drop to "normal"....not such a bad day

Sarah P. - Low: waking up to the cat being sick on the bed. High: while out having a burger seeing someone two tables down with their ear on the table shout "I can't touch the phone 'cause I'm covered in burger goop" and then try to adjust the volume with their nose

Mellissa W. - High- spending time with my bro. Family is important. Low- Getting up at 630 and it still being super dark outside.

Brian C. - High: turning off the tv and picking up a book. Low: not being able to do the worm. Total bummer.

Ian McBain - 0/-18

Marie-Pier G. - High : 2 goals, 1 pass at soccer game. Low : No hat trick... So close! :)

Andrea K. - High: I got a new hair cut! Low: I have insomnia to the max. TO THE MAX.

Blair K. - Low-realizing being a recovering alcoholic is gonna take more than a couple weeks and constant re-runs of the wire. High- knowing im waking up sober tomorrow. Well that and not having to explain a dozen texts and phone calls.

Robin R. - Low of the day: Having to tell family and friend I have cancer. High of the day: Being overwhelmingly supported and feeling like I'm not fighting this alone.

Tricia V. - I asked my 3 year old the best part of his day....he replied "You"....I know cheesy (goodness) and low....the 2 papers I have to stay up half the night to write.

Amber H. - High - Realized I am going to Vegas in almost a month. Low - Realizing I have to go to work tomorrow.

Edley D. - high: finding out REFUSED are getting back together for coachella, same with at the drive-in. low: probably going to be working so i'm missing coachella.

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