Alt News August 13, 2013
Now That's A Prank: Guy Rotates His Brother's Entire Bedroom 90 Degrees

This isn't the first time Tobias Mathijsen, a Netherlands-based filmmaker, has pranked his little brother Jamiro Smajic - last year, while his sibling was away on holiday, Tobiasredecorated his bro's bedroom to look like a little girl's room.

But Tobias's latest prank is even more epic in scale. When Jamiro left on vacation, the filmmaker decided to turn his brother's entire bedroom 90 degrees.

The process involved repainting (and carpeting) the walls and floors, affixing furniture to one wall and a installing a light fixture in another, and even turning a sticker on the window to complete the illusion.

Jamiro's reaction is great - there's a little swearing, and a promise of revenge, but ultimately he admits that the prank is "pretty awesome," and says at least he'll get to "pretend to be Spider-Man" for a while.

Check out a timelapse video showing how they did it below:

Via Tall Tales


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