Alt News February 13, 2013
INFOGRAPHIC: Who Are The 100 Richest People In The World?


There are some ultra-rich people out there. But who are they? And how did they make their money?

If you'd like a quick overview of who the 100 most wealthy people on the planet are, it's hard to beat this infographic, created by Bloomberg.

It's an interactive piece, so you can customize the data - for instance, if you'd like to know how many of the top 100 are from Canada, you can filter for that (the answer, by the way? One. David Thomson is the only Canuck on the list at number 24).

You can also click on anyone's head to learn about how they made their money.

And the site lets you look at where the 100 richest people live. As you can see, things get pretty bright in North America and Europe:


You can also filter by industry, gender, age and sources of wealth (did they inherit or are they self-made?).

Maybe the best thing about the chart? If you're a 'Kids in the Hall' fan and you're feeling a little inadequate next to all that wealth, the site is perfect for a game of "I crush your head!"

Via Visual News


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