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7 Of The Most Awkward Nude Scenes In The Movies
July 10, 2013
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Ken Jeong's naked attack in 'The Hangover'

We've got Ken Jeong on the program tonight, Wednesday July 10 at 7pm on CBC TV.

Ken's big break came in the first 'Hangover' movie, and his biggest scene in that movie is one of the more interesting examples of nudity in cinema.

Ken's character Leslie Chow leaps, completely naked, out of the trunk of a car and attacks Bradley Cooper with a tire iron.

It turns out it was Ken's choice to play the scene nude. And the reasons are much more heartfelt and moving than you might expect.

Check out this clip from tonight's interview in which he talks about his motivations for that moment:

Ken's naked leap is just one of the great awkward nude scenes in cinema. Here are some of our other favourites:

nude-scenes-jason-segel.jpg6. Jason Segel Gets Dumped In 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

Getting dumped can be a pretty awkward experience, especially when you're not expecting it. But this scene from 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' ups the ante by having Jason Segel's character naked as he gets the bad news.

Apparently the scene was based on an experience from Jason's own life. He told us all about it when he was in the red chair last season. Check it out starting at about 5:30 in the video below:

nude-scenes-will-ferrell.jpg5. Will Ferrell Goes Streaking In 'Old School'

Will Ferrell's 'Frank the Tank' from 'Old School' is a well-meaning monster: he's incapable of controlling his urges, and once he gets a few drinks in him, he completely stops trying.

His new wife is less than impressed, especially when she comes across her husband running down the middle of their town's main street, completely nude, streaking. By himself.

nude-scenes-team-america.jpg4. Puppets Make Sweet, Sweet (Graphically Explicit) Love In 'Team America: World Police'

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the guys of course behind 'Team America: World Police' as well as 'South Park' and 'The Book of Mormon', took full advantage of the inherent ridiculousness of having string puppet actors star in an over-the-top American action film.

And nowhere is that ridiculousness more evident than in this scene, wherein two puppets have over-the-top, pornographic "sex," despite having no genitals.

nude-scenes-borat.jpg3. Sasha Baron Cohen Wrestles In 'Borat'

The naked wrestling scene in 'Borat' is graphic, long, and excessive. And that's exactly the point.

It all starts when Borat finds his manager, Azamat, getting excited about a magazine featuring Pamela Anderson (who Borat has come to America to meet). From there, it's a knock-down, drag-out fight, sans clothing. The only thing protecting our delicate eyes is a strategically placed, exaggeratedly long black bar.

nude-scenes-american-pie.jpg2. Jason Biggs Gets Down With A Baked Good in 'American Pie'

Okay, this one barely constitutes "nudity" - but it definitely makes the list for awkwardness. When Eugene Levy, playing Jim's dad, enters the room to find his son making love to a pie, the cringe-factor is off the charts.

But as always, Levy's character is incredibly understanding - adding a hint of non-apple pie sweetness to the mix.

nude-scenes-michael-cera.jpg1. Martha MacIsaac And Michael Cera's Unsexy Sex Scene In 'Superbad'

Michael Cera is arguably the king of awkward, with his characters from 'Arrested Development' onward embodying the kind of well-meaning discomfort that only a Canadian could properly convey onscreen.

But he met his awkward match in this scene from 'Superbad'. Martha MacIsaac plays a teenage girl who is going further, faster than she's really comfortable with. Both actors bring a sweet innocence to the scene, which starts awkward and stays that way.


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