Wallet Makeover!

Organizational guru Hellen Buttigieg came in to clean up your wallet!

Hellen's 5 Tips on Giving Your Wallet A Make-over

  • Get a smaller wallet. This forces you to pare down to essentials: cash, a debit card, one or two credit cards, driver's license, and health card.

  • Keep discount cards, coupons and gift cards in a zip pouch in the glove compartment of your car instead of clogging your wallet. Keep seldom-used credit cards in a secure place at home.

  • There's no need to carry every picture of your children/grandchildren you've had since they were born. Laminate a current one of each child and keep the rest at home.

  • Photocopy all of the cards you carry in your wallet (front and back) and keep a copy at home in case your wallet is ever stolen.

  • Your wallet is not a filing cabinet. Clean your wallet out at least once a month (once a week is better). Empty receipts into a mini accordion file (coupon organizer) or zip bag.

Other tips:

  • Hide a $20 bill for emergencies.

  • Hide an emergency quarter for a phone-call in case you lose your cell phone.

  • And the one thing you might add to your wallet! Include a laminated card with the top ten important phone numbers, in case your cellphone dies or you forget it - you'll still be able to reach who you need to without the phone's vital address book and automatic di


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