Trendy Tresses

Hairstylist Matthew Collins knows how to make trendy tresses out of all lengths and textures of hair. Whether you've got short, medium, long, thin, thick or curly hair, Matthew has something for you to try.

Trendy Tresses: Short Hair

Short hair: If you've got short hair, all you need is a light hold hairspray, some heat and your hands. Lightly spray your hair and squeeze it between your hands and blast with the hairdryer for as long as you can stand the heat. Keep the hair scrunched in your hand until cool. Continue this through your hair for an easy, tousled beach look.

Trendy Tresses: Medium Length Hair

Medium-length hair: Take a piece of hair from either side of your head and pin back. Keep the texture messy. Make a triangle at the top of your head and push to one side and pin the base. Roll the remaining hair around the pin for a soft, retro roll.

Trendy Tresses: Long Hair

Long hair: Backcomb the hair and then take a wide band from either side and wrap these pieces to the back of your head. Finish by wrapping the elastic with a piece of hair.

Trendy Tresses: Thick Hair

Thick hair: Backcomb hair at the nape of the neck, twist it up and pin, letting the hair fall naturally.

Trendy Tresses: Thin Hair

Thin hair: Section your hair into top and bottom pieces. Braid both sections and pull out the braid for an easy, messy look - this is also a great way to add the illusion of volume. Wrap both braids and pin.

Trendy Tresses: Curly Hair

Curly hair: Play up your natural curls with a small barrel. Twist both sides loosely to the back and pin.


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