The Perfect Ponytail

It's all about the ponytail right now, and there's more than one way to wear it in style. That's why we asked hair expert Matthew Collins to share three of his favourites.

Slick Ponytail

High Slick Ponytail

Pull your hair into a tight, high ponytail. Wrap leather around the elastic to add more height to the ponytail and finish with shine serum to really keep the look sleek and sexy.

Double Ponytail

Double Ponytail

Pull half of your hair into a ponytail. Then grab all of the hair and pull it into a low ponytail. Separate the two pieces of hair for a clean and sculptural look.

Pinned Ponytail

Pinned Ponytail

Pull your hair into a low ponytail. Wrap the ponytail with hair to hide the elastic and pin a few pieces back for some volume.

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