Stylish and Comfortable Shoe Shopping Tips

Who says you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion? Shoe designer Ron White shows us you don't have have to pick one over the other, if you know what to look for in your footwear.


Anatomy of a Shoe: The key things that make up the construction of a shoe, and that you should consider when shopping for a new pair, are the uppers, the heels, the pitch, and inside padding.

Seam placement: Check that the seams are not at points in the show where you are sensitive. For example, if you have any toe issues, you will want to ensure there are no seams in that area.

Also slide your hand inside of the shoe to check if there are any seams. Sometimes decorative seams are only on the outside of the shoe, and will not influence comfort unless they're also on the inside.

Flexibility: Your shoes need to be able to bend along with your foot. Holding the shoe in your hand, use your fingers to ensure it will bend along with the natural flex of your foot.

Heels: For a comfortable pair of heels, look for those with a wider base. The bigger the base, the more stable and comfortable they will be, while still looking fashionable.

Gore: Often hidden inside, elastic goring helps a shoe become up to 1/2 to a full size larger as your foot swells through the day, providing comfort along the way.

This is also important when looking for boots, as the gore will help accomodate different sized calves. Gore that's incorporated into the design also helps add to a boot's chic design.


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