More Slimming Fashion Secrets from Genny

You can trim away visual weight and enhance your overall look just with what you wear. Fashion expert Genny Iannucci shares some of her slimming secrets using clothing and accessories, which she demonstrated on some of our audience members.

What we wear and how we wear it has a significant impact on the overall appearance of our body shape. On the one hand, your clothing can add visual weight. But on the flip side, your clothing can actually make you look sleeker and slimmer!

Genny's Slimming Secrets

  1. Choose mid-rise pants with waistbands that sit above the fullest part of your lower tummy. Avoid tummy-revealing low-rise pants.
  2. Look for waistbands that are not tight. Waistbands that are tight can make everything above and below the waistband appear larger.
  3. Matching the colour of your shoe to your pant helps elongate your leg.
  4. Fit is crucial to appearing slimmer. You want your clothing to skim your curves without being too tight or too loose.



Sometimes in our attempt to minimize or conceal a figure challenge area we conceal all of our figure assets as well! Kay has a beautiful shape under her clothing. Excessive fabric adds visual volume to the body and conceals your shape.

Teresa's before and after

Well-placed horizontal lines can work to highlight figure assets. The yellow band on the dress draws the eye to Kay’s slim waist and works to define her shape. And the diagonal details help by creating visual movement and drawing the eye up.

Get the look: dress, necklace, earrings, bracelet, Laura Plus; shoes and handbag, Marshalls


Teresa's original pieces were bulky and boxy, which add visual weight and she would benefit from pieces that have greater fluidity and skim as close to her curves as possible without being too tight. Pieces that are too tight will add visual weight because they reveal it all!

Jennifer's before and after

Jackets with defined shaping through the body and waist are incredibly figure flattering pieces. V-neck and the vertical placket detail on the blouse help to slim by drawing the eye to the centre of the body. Long necklaces also enhance vertical length.

Get the look: jacket, blouse, pant, earrings, necklace, bracelet, Le Chateau; shoes, Marshalls; handbag, Winners


Jennifer’s pieces fit her well and she’s added a long vertical accessory element to her outfit. To make this outfit even better she should replace the heavy knit scarf with a more fluid scarf or a long necklace that creates the same lengthening effect as her knit scarf without adding bulk.

Kay's before and after

The inner core of this slimming outfit is one colour, which creates a long lean line. Fit and flare style dresses can help create an hourglass shape simply by their shape. They are also a figure flattering option for women with fuller hips and thighs. The addition of a belt helps to further define Jennifer’s waist.

Get the look: dress, jacket, belt, Mendocino; shoes, handbag, Marshalls

Our sincere thanks to Le Chateau, Mendocino, Laura Plus and Winners, and Marshalls for generously gifting Teresa, Jennifer and Kay with their new outfits!

Genny Iannucci with Steven and Chris


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