Wouldn't it be great to lose an inch here or there like magic? While they won't make you a size 0 - body shapers do offer a quick way to instantly lose an inch here or there.  Liliana Mann from Linea Intima visited to show everyone the new fabrications, cuts and patterns on the market to leave you feeling slimmer and sexier than ever!

Dispelling some myths:

Shapewear is not about taking you down a size, but about making you look more firm, sleek and smooth.

Shapewear is more comfortable than ever. In the past, shapewear could be attributed to accentuating a muffin top, or the dreaded unibum!

What to look for:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Shapewear comes in varying degrees of control. 
  • Buy light and medium-control for everyday use. 
  • Light control can be used to smooth out bulges, and medium control can hold you together to prevent jiggling.
  • Reserve firm control for special occasion dressing - it can take you down a size, but it is quite restricting

Buy your shapewear in beige or black, but not white. In fact, white can be more visible under clothing, particularly under white t-shirts.

Look for smoother fabrics, like a lycra, polyester or spandex. The object is for your clothes to glide over your body and not cling to the shapewear.

Tips & Tricks

  • Choose a body shaper that fits snugly, but is still comfortable and doesn't restrict movement
  • Try to minimize the presence of seams, to make your shapewear less noticeable under your clothing
  • Wear shapewear in the form of a full slip when able - as separates can end up cutting you, and leading to ridges and bulges
  • Always test drive your shaper with the garment before making any final decisions
  • Do not apply powder on your body before wearing shapewear - it will cause the shaper to slide around your body

How to put a shaper on:

Because the shaper is quite snug, the best way is to put them on is like a pair of pantyhose - step-by-step. There are various support points throughout the pieces, ensure they are centered on the body (these points need to be treated gently) - no harsh pulling.

Caring for your shape wear

Handwash in lukewarm water, and lay flat to dry.

All shapewear was kindly provided by Body Wrap
  • Long-leg panty with high waist (Catwalk High Waist)
  • Long-leg panty (The Catwalk +)
  • On the bustform: Strapless Bra Slip with Underwire (The Must Slip Under)
  • Transformable Underwire cami (The Triple Threat Cami)
  • Panel brief (The Must Brief-It with tattoo)
  • High-waist panty (The Chic High-Waist)
  • High-Waist thong (The Pin Thin)


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