Repurpose Your Accessories

Fashion expert Genny Iannucci shows us how to take those random pieces of jewellery and give them new life.

Repurpose Your Accessories

Pearls: Twist a metal necklace with your pearls to take them from lady-like to edgy.

Most women have a strand of pearls in their jewellery box and typically wear them for special and dressy occasions. Give them a new look by teaming with a blingy gem necklace. Here's how.

  • Strands should be roughly equally in length.
  • Necklaces need to be flexible so that you can twist.
  • Line up the strands with opposite ends meeting, aligning the clasp of one with the eyelet of the other.
  • Fasten at one end, twist twist twist, then fasten at the other end. Voila! A brand new necklace.

Repurpose Your Accessories

Clip-on earrings: Take your clip-on earrings and add them to a simple flat or pump to change the look of both items.

Many of us have boxes of these but rarely wear them. Give them new life by clipping them onto the front of your shoes for a little bit of shoe candy.

The hinge of the clip should sit as close to the top of the earring as possible, allowing you to slide the entire earring onto the shoe. It's easy to reposition the clip by popping off and hot gluing it into the right position.

Repurpose Your Accessories

Brooches: In addition to wearing them on the lapels of jackets, you can repurpose them as pendants. Slip a chain through the pin, and now you've got a statement necklace. Just be sure to select a chain that can take the weight of the pendant.


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