Moe Kelso’s 5 Essential Accessories

Check out style expert Moe Kelso's 5 Essential Accessories to boost the style quotient in any wardrobe.

Watch the segment in Episode 132. 

1. Pearls
  • Faux or real
  • Layer them, mix and match
  • You'll probably find a string or two in mom's or grandma's jewelry box


2. Diamond studs
  • If they're fake, don't buy them too big so people won't necessarily know that they're not real
  • A great alternative to big hoops or baubles
  • A simple way to really add polish and sparkle to your look

3. A scarf

  • Buy quality at the end of the season when they're on sale
  • Think about matching your skin tone, the color of your coat and your sweaters
  • A long oblong scarf is the simplest and most versatile choice if you're going to buy only one



4. Medium-sized handbag

  • Not too big, not too small - a good everyday piece
  • This is an investment piece because you'll use it so much
  • Buy a classic style - too much hardware will date the bag, but you want it to last you many, many seasons
  • If you're only buying one, make it black - it goes with everything.


5. A belt
  • This piece can turn any outfit from sloppy to sleek in an instant.
  • A great piece to have if you are not a jewelry person, it does a great job of finishing off a look.
  • Whether you think you need it or not - it's a must have piece



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