How to Dress Your Curves


International plus size model Ashley Graham stopped by to chat about body confidence while showing us some of the best ways to dress, embrace and show off your curves!

[slideshow] Weekend Outfit

The boyfriend jean is back and it's better than ever! Ashley loves a good boyfriend jean for a casual weekend look because you look stylish while feeling comfortable. Make sure your jean is slightly tapered to still show a bit of your shape, you don't want it to just be baggy and add volume without shape. Complete the look by tossing on a cool graphic t-shirt and layering it with a leather jacket. Voila! You've got a stylish and casual weekend look.

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:::How to Dress Your Curves: Casual Weekend Outfit::: Outfit

Office outfits don't have to be drab. By adding trends and colour you can make your office looks into some of your favourites! Ashley says curvy ladies should not shy away from the trend of the harem pant! This trend looks great on every body type, especially curves. If the idea of a harem pant seems a bit scary for you then opt for a neutral colour like this wonderful black. To pull the entire look together add a tapered blazer in a stunning colour like this hot pink. Finally, accessorize with some statement pieces to knock this office outfit out of the park.

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:::How to Dress Your Curves: Office Outfit::: Date Night Outfit

No matter how many curves you have, Ashley says show them off! Go for a form fitting dress but keep the eye moving by selecting a fabric that has a great pattern like this typography. By choosing a dress with a long sleeve you can still feel classy while looking sexy. If the idea of a tight dress brings you out of your comfort zone try wearing it with a great body shaper like Ashley's favourite body wrap. It will smooth lines and give you that extra bit of confidence to help you feel your best. Ashley suggests for a hot date night to choose only one or two sexy elements. Don't over do it and go for short, tight and low cut all one once. You want to leave something to the imagination. Finish the look off with a great pair of heels and a trendy leather jacket and you'll be date night ready in a flash!

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:::How to Dress Your Curves: Hot Date Night::: Wear

Ashley says wearing a longer tighter pant for workouts is key. This way you can focus on your workout and don't need to worry about adjusting your clothes. Try to mix up the classic black workout uniform with a bright coloured top. By adding a splash of colour, like this electric orange, you'll bring new life to your workout wardrobe. Also, try to find some technical features in your gym clothes. This top has some sexy ventilation in the back to keep you looking and feeling cool.

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:::How to Dress Your Curves: Workout Wear:::

You don't need to be stick thin to rock a bikini this summer. This vintage inspired high-waisted bikini can help you feel confident while sporting a two piece at the beach. Look for patterns that keep the eye moving like this great polka dot. Ashley's key tip when it comes to buying a swimsuit is to make sure you buy a size that actually fits and hugs the body! Bathing suits often tend to lose elasticity when wet, so make sure you buy a suit that properly fits so you still look great both in and out of the water.

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:::How to Dress Your Curves: Swimwear:::

Ashley was having trouble finding beautiful lingerie that gave her the support she needed, so she decided to make her own! Ashley teamed up with Addition Elle to create The Ashley Graham Collection, a line of beautifully crafted lingerie that provides the support women need while giving them the looks they want. This entire look is from Ashley's collection. She suggests that all women get professionally fitted for their bras. If you haven't been fitted for a bra, go now! By purchasing the proper fit you'll do wonders for your figure. No matter how curvy, all ladies should have a great set of lingerie that makes them feel their best.

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:::How to Dress Your Curves: Lingerie::: you to Ashley Graham for sharing these gorgeous fashions with us! :::Ashley Graham with Steven and Chris:::
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