Hot Hair Makeovers

We're always getting requests from fans looking for hair makeovers from the fantastic Dee Dagher. This time Dee gave great new looks to two viewers who reached out on our Facebook page.

1. Gorgeous On-the-Go

Hot Hair Makeovers

Dilemma: Christine has been working in a homeless shelter for the past 21 years. She's always on call for work and needs to be ready in a flash! Some challenges Dee tackled were Christine's sheer volume of hair, some of which was starting to go grey.

Solution: Dee took Christine to a natural red. She also gave Christine a blunt mid-length cut, which will be easy to maintain and look good with her busy lifestyle between family and work.

2. Corporate Climber Boost

Hot Hair Makeovers

Dilemma: Dimple has been back on the job market, and was looking for a professional and age-appropriate look to get her noticed. She's recently noticed some changes to her face shape and some hair loss due to her low thyroid, and wanted a new look.

Solution: By adding some highlights and subtle layers Dee balanced Dimple's fun personality with her new corporate image to help land her that management position!

Hot Hair Makeovers


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