Hair Triple Threat: Three Styles, One Day

Hairstylist Matthew Collins shares three quick and easy hair techniques to take you from day to night!


1. Start your day with the 10 Minute Wave

Wrap large sections of hair around a hot curling iron. Release the hair from the curling iron when it is hot to the touch.

Trick: Use clips to section the hair and keep it out of the way when you're curling each section.

2. Dinner and drinks with the Updated Ponytail

The new ponytail is worn high on your head. The key to getting the kick in the ponytail is an elastic and two bobby pins.

Trick: Clip a bobby pin onto either side of an elastic band, gather the hair in one hand and insert one bobby pin into the topside at the base of the ponytail. Wrap the elastic around the hair until tight and insert the other bobby pin into the base of the ponytail.

3. Dance the night away in the High Bun

The transition from a ponytail to a high bun will only take a minute. Brush the ponytail and lightly backcomb the underside. Wrap and twist the hair and gently pin small pieces to the base of the ponytail as you're twisting the hair.

Trick: Do not take too much hair in each pin or they will pop out. You will only need 8-10 pins for the perfect high bun!


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