Foundation Garments with Liliana Mann

Foundation garments ensure that your clothes fit the way that they should. Angela is a producer on the show who wears a lot of dresses both to the office during the day and for events after work and on weekends. Angela avoids strapless and one-shouldered dresses because she never trusts that her bra will stay up with her.

We brought in our lingerie expert Liliana Mann to solve some of our dressing dilemmas by making the right bra selection.


Angela is wearing the Prima Donna strapless bra--which is great for a strapless or single-shoulder dress. If you're properly fitted, the bra should stay on without any trouble. If you're at a special event or worried about the security of your bra, keep some double-sided tape on hand for any quick fixes you may need.

If you're wearing a plunging neckline, you can either choose a scoopfront bra like the Empreinte or Chantelle as pictured below. You can alternatively choose to keep it in plain sight and wear a beautiful lace bra like Camibra from Natori.


Where to get it: left to right
Camibra Natori
Empreinte (for larger cup sizes)
Chantelle Haute Couture Collection (for smaller cup sizes)

You may be tempted to go braless when wearing a backless or low-back dress. Liliana brought in two great options to keep the girls in place! If you need a backless solution, washable bra cups come with one adhesive side that can be used multiple times! Multiway bras are also great for a variety of needs--single strap, strapless, crossback or even backless. Use the multiway bra in tandem with the FE Braback converter to drop the straps in the back.


Where to get it: left to right
NuBra Seamless Bra Cups
Marie Jo Multiway Bra
FE Braback converter

All bras are available at Linea Intima.


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