Fabuless Winter to Spring Fashion

We're all getting tired of winter clothes, and could use a pick-me-up in terms of colour in our wardrobes. Even though it's not here here just yet, stores are showing the latest in spring fashions. So if you're ready to trade in your winter wear for lighter fare, check out these spring fashions Erica Wark's picked out. Each head to toe look costs about $100!

When transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring, it's time to start adding bright colours, incorporating lighter-weight fabrics and putting the tights and hosiery away.

Nothing says spring more than bright floral prints. Start mixing those pretty prints with any neutral tone.

Fabuless Winter to Spring Fashion

Floral Shirt $27.80 and Pant $27.80, Forever 21
Boot, Zara $39.99
Necklace, Joe Fresh $7.00
Grand Total = $102.59

In winter, we tend to use tweed jackets as blazers. But come spring, we can break them out as outerwear pieces.

Fabuless Winter to Spring Fashion

Tweed Jacket, Suzy Shier $45
Jeans, Sears $24.94
Shirt, Smart Set $9.99
Shoe, Ardene $14.50
Grand Total = $94.43

Yes, pastels are still hot this upcoming season. So why not brighten things up and start wearing them now?

Fabuless Winter to Spring Fashion

Green Jacket $26.50 and Shoe $27.80, Forever 21
Pant, Reitmans $17.99
Shirt, H&M $14.95
Grand Total = $87.24

Accessories can be an inexpensive way to transform an outfit! This dress reads more winter, but throw on some brightly-oloured accessories and spring has sprung!

Fabuless Winter to Spring Fashion

Lace Dress, Suzy Shier $40
Shoe $29.95 and Clutch $35, H&M
Grand Total = $104.95

Navy is a breeze to transition from winter to spring and so easy to combine with coloured accessories, like this light-weight scarf.

Fabuless Winter to Spring Fashion

Navy Pant, Smart Set $55
Striped Shirt, H&M $14.96
Scarf $5 and Wedge Shoe $24.50, Ardene
Grand Total = $99.45

If you aren't ready to lose the hosiery just yet, the following look can easily be worn with black tights.

Fabuless Winter to Spring Fashion

Floral Jacket, Forever 21 $30.80
Black Turtleneck, Vera Moda $9.99
Pencil Skirt, Jacob $35.00
Black Pump Shoe, Suzy Shier $25
Grand Total = $100.79


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