Easy Ponytails

Stylist Dee came in to teach us how to look stylish in a ponytail!




Oval Shaped
Considered to be the ideal face shape as it has the perfect balance
  • any type of ponytail with work for this face shape
Long Face
A long face is considered to be perfectly long on both the forehead and chin area
  • DO NOT wear a high top ponytail as this will strengthen the effect of the long face
  • long side fringe will soften the face
  • low ponytails are ideal for this face shape
 Ponytail Tips & RULES

  • You're never too old to wear a ponytail, regardless of age or social status, ponytails are always acceptable.
  • Ponytails are a great bad hair day solution 
  • High ponytails provide an instant facelift, it puts tension on the face and emphasizes the cheekbones. 
  • Always use an "ouchless" elastic as it will help protect the hair from breakage and it's painless.
  • Ponytails can cause headaches if the hair is long and heavy or worn too tight. Wear the ponytail on the nape of the neck in order to reduce the tension. 
  • Tight ponytails worn everyday can cause alopecia, inorder to avoid this problem loosen the hair on the sides or take breaks between wearing ponytails
PONYTAIL #2 - TRENDY Double Knot Ponytail

Step 1: Brush out the hair entirely from root to end, making sure there are no knots
Step 2: Take a "v" section from the front hair line to the crown and then section out
Step 3: Brush back the remaining hair into a low ponytail (nape of the neck), wrap elastic band around and secure
Step 4: Tease the tail of the ponytail slightly to create some texture
Step 5: Take the middle piece of the ponytail out and loop it around and secure with a couple bobby pins
Step 6: Take a section from the side of the tail and also loop it around and secure with a couple bobby pins
Step 7: Take the "v" section that you left out in the beggining and give it a light tease in small sections until the whole section has been teased
Step 8: Comb out the tease on the surface and connect the section to the rest of the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin
Step 9: Finish the look off by spraying with a hairspray and be sure to spray a generous amount of the tail in order to create texture


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