Day to Night Beauty Products


Beauty expert Lexi Miles reveals her favourite fun, easy-to-carry products that'll transform you from daytime classy to nighttime sassy in no time.

Blotting Pads

Day to Night Beauty Products: Blotting Papers

Product Used: Sephora 

Start with a blotting sheet for people who tend to have more shiny or oily complexions. Use the vitamin C-infused papers to protect the complexion from free radicals, the matte version to control oil, the tea tree sheets to heal tired skin, and the lavender papers to sooth agitated skin.

Concealer Stick/Redness Corrector

Day to Night Beauty Products: Concealer Stick/Redness Correcter

Products Used: Atmosphere Luminous Foundation, Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up Concealer

Keep this in your purse and simply apply it to any blemishes and/or problem areas (i.e. under eye darkness, etc). For people that find their issue after a day of work is less about blemishes and tired eyes but more about balancing your skin tone, try a concealer stick that focuses on reducing redness.

Blush Stick/Cheek Tint

Blush Stick/Cheek Tint

Products Used: Aura Multi-Use Blush, Benefit Cosmetics High Beam

After applying your concealer to cover up those problem areas, use a blush stick or cheek tint to colour and highlight your cheek bones. You'll look instantly refreshed and ready to hit the town! These are also products that can pair as a cheek tint, lipgloss and eyeshadow all in one.

Hair Ties

Hair Ties

Product Used: Em-Jay

Use this hair-tie during the day to keep your hair out of your way in a low bun. When you're ready to hit the town simply pull out the bun and these hair ties leave you with no dent, only gorgeous wavy locks! Give it a spritz with a travel size hair spray and you'll look like you just spent an hour curling your hair! They now also look stylish as a bracelet around your wrist when you're not wearing them in your hair.


Day to Night Beauty Products: Lips

Product UsedGOSH Lip Gloss

The best product to take you from Day to Night and transform your look is a great lipstick or lip gloss. This lip gloss not only has a light so you can see when you are applying it but also mirror to make sure you're applying it in all the right places. We love GOSH for that! 


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