Day to Night Beauty

Whether you're attending or throwing a glam house party, beauty expert Kristjan Hayden has the perfect day to night beauty look you can achieve in four easy steps.

Day to Night Beauty

1. Apply a lip shade that's at least three shades darker than your natural lip colour. This bold lip will add instant drama and is perfect for a quick change before your party.

We used: Aveda Lip Gloss in Kukui

2. Intensify your eyes by adding black liner inside the eye-top and bottom.

We used: Black Orchid Eye Pencil

3. Put some shimmer on the inner corners of your of your eyes for a glam party look. Who needs a nap? This will be an instant refresher before your guests arrive to your chic house party!

We used: Illumination Eyeshadow

4. Skip the blush because your blood is circulating well by evening so you probably have a natural rosy glow. But do add a bit of glow: highlight your cheeks with something shimmery.

Product Used: Tesserae Triple Face Accent

Day to Night Hair in Minutes

Start your glam party prep by putting your hair into a high bun in the morning.

We used: Aveda Phomollient to set the curl.

1. Release the bun when you're prepping for your party.

2. Use a flat iron to enhance the waves you've created from your daytime bun.

3. Brush out the curls and set with hairspray for glam waves.

We used: Air Control hairspray

4. Finish the look with a sparkly hair accessory.

Now you're ready for your glam house party!

Kristjan Hayden's Day to Night Beauty


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