Cool Kids’ Spring Fashions

Kids' fashion has come a long way! Just look at these fashionable looks style expert Afiya Francisco shared with us for kids of all ages.

Going to School: Look for clothes that are appropriate for the classroom and the schoolyard. Layer natural fibers to combat air-conditioning or overheating but allow for breathability when running around during recess. Pay attention to any dress codes your school may have. Neutral basics are a great foundation that also work on the weekends and may be dressed up for special events.

:::Kids Spring Fashion: Going to School:::

Play Date: Play dates are fun and the beginning of social interaction but, at this age, it's all about cuteness and photo ops! Break out the fun clothes that the kids may not have had an opportunity to wear. They'll outgrow it quickly so use play dates as an occasion to dress them up. Outfits should be comfortable and allow for easy changes, especially if you're not at home.

:::Kids Spring Fashion: Play Date:::

Outdoor Fun: Rough and tumble fun is all a part of being a kid. Hardworking fabrics — denim, corduroy, heavy cotton — are your best bet for comfort and durability. Some of the coolest kids' clothes have a vintage vibe and many parents will recognize favourite brands from their childhood seeing a resurgence. Many moms don't love character-branded clothes but there are ways to compromise. Accessories and layers allow kids to sport their favourite characters without compromising style.

:::Kids Spring Fashion: Outdoor Fun:::

Fancy School Function: Coordinating mini-me outfits are a major trend. It's so cute and is a way to have fun with fashion. Coordinate, but don't match. Choose a theme and run with it. The theme can be subtle.

:::Kids Spring Fashion: Fancy School Function:::

Out at the movies: Tweens can be tricky because you want them to still look like kids without being too grown up. This is a way to balance that and you give them really cool look. Kids this age want to show off their personal style so let them have some fun, while keeping it age appropriate.

:::Kids Spring Fashion: Out at the Movies:::

Birthday Party: No matter how cute an outfit is, avoid restrictive clothes because you want them to be comfortable at the party. An extra outfit is a great idea for kids up to the age of five. You never know when you'll need a quick change!

:::Kids Spring Fashion: Birthday Party:::
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