Chris’ Angels: Beauty Edition

Chris' Angels have been hard at work testing the latest and greatest in beauty products, some of which they found to be better than others.

Chris' Angels: Beauty Edition

1. Beauty boxes

TopBox, $12/month; GlossyBox, $21/month; The Natural Beauty Box, $15.75/month

The claim: Beauty boxes deliver a variety of new and exciting products to your door every month!

The verdict: "They're great if you're a product junkie like me - it's like getting a present delivered every month!" —Joanne

2. Natural Deodorants:

Crystal, $4; Roll-On, $12; Cream, $13

The claim: All of these deodorants are aluminum-free and will keep you smelling fresh by killing odour-causing bacteria.

The verdict: "The keyword to remember is deodorant. None of these products will really keep you sweat free. Your body also needs to acclimatize to natural deodorants, so be prepared to spend a few weeks to transition away from more traditional formulations." —Cher

3. Face Lift Tape, $16

The claim: Facelift surgery-like results without the pain and expense. Secret Lift is easy to use and will make you look years younger instantly.

The verdict: "I could imagine someone taping this on for a quick photo op, but definitely not all day. To compare this product to a face lift just doesn't make sense." —Taylor


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