Belly Maternity Fashion Show

Maternity clothing can sometimes get a bad rap for being frumpy. But you can still be stylish and look great when you're expecting, as Dionne Klein, owner of Belly Maternity, shows us.

Dionne says to keep these things in mind when you invest in your pregnancy wardrobe:

  • Versatility: Buy pieces you can dress up or down, and pieces that can work with your non-maternity wardrobe.
  • Staples: Invest in wardrobe staples. A great pair of maternity jeans are an essential, and leggings are a must-have.
  • Stretch: Soft jerseys can grow with your body and are super comfortable.
  • Style: Buy things you would wear if you weren't pregnant. Maintain your sense of style!


Belly Maternity Fashion Show

This coat is the ultimate in versatility. It has an insert that allows for your bump to grow, and acts like a pouch to carry your baby. Once you've delivered, zip out the insert to fit your body post-baby.

Also, a must-have while pregnant is a great pair of jeans — not your 'mom' jeans. These are slightly distressed and more fitted to the body.


Belly Maternity Fashion Show

You don't have to sacrifice style with this fabulous printed jersey dress that grows with you. A black blazer is another great staple that can be paired with jeans and a lot of other pieces in your closet.

Dressed Up

Belly Maternity Fashion Show

The little black dress hits all the rules. We all need one in our regular wardrobe, and pregnancy is no exception. It's so easy to dress up or down by changing your shoes and accessories.

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