$50 Fixes with Genny Iannucci

Fashion expert Genny Iannucci shows us how to transform the look of an outfit using accessories at a price tag of only $50. As these before and after photos illustrate, it doesn't take a lot of money to really create a new look.

To make a $50 budget work and create a new look for an item, shop sales and think outside the regular way you wear an item. The easiest technique is to think in terms of opposites. So if you typically wear an item in a classic way, try giving it a sporty spin; make a masculine item feminine; transform busienss wear into an evening look.

$50 Fixes with Genny Iannucci

Tanya's key item is her chiffon maxi skirt, which she always wears with a white top. She feels limited as to when she can wear the skirt in the year.

$50 Fashion Solution: Layer up with mid-weight fabrics to transition this piece into the cooler months.

Navy crew neck T, Forever 21, $7.80
Safari-inspired sleeveless vest, Forever 21, $41.80
Total spent: $49.60

Now it's no longer just a summer item. And by changing the mood of the outfit from sweet and feminine to casual-boho Tanya has a whole new look for the skirt.

$50 Fixes with Genny Iannucci

Marika's key item is her knit dress. She feels she's being overtaken by the dress and that it's swallowing her 5'2" frame.

$50 Fashion Solution: Accessories to the rescue to give shape and shift focus.

Obi' style wrap belt, Le Chateau, $25.00
Cuff bracelet $4.89, bangles $6.99, necklace $4.89, The Bay
Total spent on accessories: $42.00

The wide width of the belt reins in and controls the excessive fabric.

$50 Fixes with Genny Iannucci

Bev's key item is her silver metallic dinner suit and she wears it head to toe as a chic, special occasion look. She's looking for new styling options to get more wear out of it.

$50 Fashion Solution: Break up the suit and treat the pieces as separates.

Turtle neck in winter white $9.99, accordion pleat skirt, $33.00, The Bay
Mixed metal chain necklace Forever 21, $7.80
Total spent: $51.00


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